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Praia do Sol

Praia do Sol

Distance to the event location

Event's place

Event's place

Apartment category



Daily single
(1 people)

R$ 396,00

R$ 462,00

Daily doble
(2 people)

R$ 396,00

R$ 462,00

Daily triple
(3 people)

R$ 515,00

R$ 601,00

Notes: Actual per day per apartment amounts, the rate includes breakfast served in the restaurant, service charges, Wi-Fi access. It does not include tourism fee, which is optional and charged at check-out. For information on hotel infrastructure ask.

We work with all national and international airlines. Payment in shares or money card.

Extract from airport / hotel / airport - R $ 80,00 per person


Notes: Values ​​are valid for default from 26 to 28jun. In Porto Alegre transfer airport / hotel chosen, passengers will have to wait at the airport for other flights. Schedules are subject to change without notice.







Posto de Gramado, Canela, Nova Petrópolis and Igrejinha with lunch included - all day

Confirmed departures: 27jun and 29jun - Amount per person R $
In Picada Café is visit ship and still with typical products of the region. In Nova Petrópolis to visit the city center, the Plaza de las Flores, Labyrinth or Immigrant Park area (optional). London to visit Black Lake, Belvedere Quilombo Valley, Enchanted World (optional), Santa's Village (optional), downtown, the Main Church, Palais des Festivals, covered Street Plaza Mayor Nicoletti, clock The church, Lake Joaquina Rita Bier, handicrafts, knitting houses and chocolate tasting. Cinnamon to visit the World Steam (optional), Stone Slab Park, Horseshoe Valley, Downtown, Stone Cathedral, Cascade Snail (optional), handicraft, knitting and colonial wine cellar with cheese and wine tasting. In Igrejinha to visit the site of the leather goods demonstration factory in the region.





Stone Paths and Vale dos Vinhedos with lunch included - all day



Confirmed departures: 28jun and 30jun - Amount per person R $ 
In Bento Gonçalves to visit the colony of San Pedro, with typically Italian, such as Ferri ironworks buildings, Strapazzon the Bertarello Mill, the chapel of San Pedro, the old hotel Cavalet, stones and wooden houses belonging to families of Italian immigrants who Established and maintained their habits and customs from the region of 1820 to the present. Also in Bento Gonçalves to visit the parrerais, canteens and cellars, where you can enjoy the pleasant climate, lush beauty, the intense aroma and color of grapes and, finally, the incomparable taste of wine, also visit the wineries that allow the access file Processing of cheeses and wines and offer product tastings. Garibaldi will tour the distillery with tasting of champagnes and sparkling wines. Carlos Barbosa will visit the Tramontina show room and also a house wine and cheese tasting.

                  Cost per person: R $ 25,00




















General comments
Coatings for medical care of accident and illness are not events in the Brazilian plans Assist.
Life insurance for accidental death or permanent disability: 14-80 years will have 100% (one hundred percent) insurance coverage, over 80 years, will have a 50% (fifty percent) reduction of insurance coverage.

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