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Innovare tourism opens in Porto Alegre with the aim of bringing a new concept in the events of the agency area.
We believe that tout an event is not only catering to customers, but we also understand that, provided you indicate the best options, hotels, transportation, travel packages, and more, to meet the needs and expectations of a specific event.
Innovare tourism is committed to all the events it serves, it is a small, medium or large event, each one has its particularity and importance for our success.
Innovare's tourism professional team is comprised of qualified professional tourism graduates with emphasis on the hospitality of IPA Methodist University, a graduate student in the Executive MBA at least 7 years of experience in the market with experience in various areas of The industry, focusing on service events.
Innovare's tourism client is "our leader", that is, the client exposes their needs and we look for the best way to realize their needs, sure that we will offer quality services so that the result is satisfactory at the end Of our work.
Before "closing" the case, come and talk to us and see the work that the Tourism Innovare team is developing in its events.

We are sure you will not regret it!

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